My dev blog will appear here as soon as I finish writing articles worthy of publishing. In the mean time, please check out my repos at


Why is your website the way it is?

I used to have a developer blog hosted at this domain. I quickly developed an appreciation for the power of org-mode for writing the content of the blog but I grew tired of inconsistent build results. The static site generators at the time would function by calling out to emacs itself to parse the org-mode and export HTML which meant that updates to emacs, my elisp packages, or the static site generator could cause compatibility issues. This often lead to things like escaping issues in old blog posts going unnoticed.

To solve the issue, and to seize the opportunity to gain more experience in Rust, I decided to write my own static site generator that would not depend on outside tools. So far I have written the template engine and I am in the process of writing an org-mode parser. When that is done, it should just be a matter of tying those two together with some minor glue to make a static site generator to create the new version of this site. Until that is done, I am using this hastily thrown-together manually-written html file as a placeholder.

That isn't to say that there are no exciting things hosted on this server, just not at the root domain. For example, this server is running kubernetes that I set up manually following kubernetes-the-hard-way in a bunch of bhyve VMs that I networked together using netgraph. On it I host my own PowerDNS server as the authoratative DNS server for It is integrated with cert-manager and ExternalDNS so Ingresses/LoadBalancers on my cluster automatically get valid TLS certificates and update the DNS records. I have a fully open-source self-hosted gitops workflow where a commit to a git repo I'm hosting in gitea, triggers a tekton pipeline through lighthouse to build a docker image with kaniko, which gets pushed to my self-hosted harbor instance, which then gets deployed to my cluster via flux. The end result is I make a commit to a repo and the result is deployed to my website in minutes.